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Play Outdoors productions (pop)
(Oct 2022)

Play Outdoors Productions (POP) logo design

In October 2022 I was commissioned by Ali, co-founder of Play Outdoors Productions, to create a logo for the collective. Play Outdoors Productions is an Australian and UK collective which produces short films that champion diverse voices in the outdoors, telling stories of their experiences through musical compositions. 


The brief for this project was to create a simple, easy to 'read' line-based logo which incorporated elements of music and the outdoors. Initially drawn to the idea of a treble clef representing the zipper of a tent, it became clear that the triangular shape would better represent a mountain, symbolising a more holistic idea of the outdoors and creating a sense of scene. The logo was designed to be used within a circle (specifically for Instagram, where the project is based), and also as an independent image.


Images below show the initial Instagram grid for the project, designed by Roxy.   

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