UQ Sport
(AUG 2019 - SEPT 2019)

In August 2019 UQ Sport contacted me to design a suite of illustrations for their 2019 Mental Health Week campaign.    

Initial style test page provided to demonstrate planning process

The project developed and grew over time. When the project started the style and content requirements had not been finalised; this became clearer as discussions continued and additional style tests occurred.   

Updated style tests based on feedback to make it more geometric and bold.

I boosted the saturation of the palette in the version on the left, before switching

to the official University of Queensland colour palette on the right.

The final products were distributed in 1,000 gift bags. This included Depression and Anxiety identifier prints, 21 days of self-care calendar, a free fitness pass, and a bag. Signs using the icons were displayed across the University of Queensland campus.

LEFT: Anxiety & Depression identification prints

RIGHT: 21 days of self-care calendar and free fitness pass

Poster Board.png

Campaign signage