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Wild island women
(jan - feb 2022)

Wild Island Women style guide, sample Instagram feed and bumper sticker

In January 2022 Fiona, founder of Wild Island Women, reached out for some bumper sticker and Instagram tile designs for a mini-campaign called 'Fall the government, not our forests'. Based in the beautiful Derwent Valley north of nipaluna/Hobart, Wild Island Women is a community where women can connect, share and inspire themselves and others to explore Tasmania's wild places. Age, experience and background is no barrier to adventuring.


In February we began work on a Wild Island Women style guide based on the existing logo, fonts and vision for the future look and feel of the brand.


Working with Fiona and Wild Island Women was a dream project - I love nature and the outdoors and it was such fun to explore the future visual direction of the brand. 

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