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'Climate Curious?'
University of Tasmania
(march 2024)

'Climate Curious?' - Curious Climate Schools, The University of Tasmania (2024)

In February 2024 I was commissioned by the Curious Climate Schools team from The University of Tasmania to create a 16-page comic for the Tasmanian Youth Climate Leaders conference in March 2024.


The comic was for young adults aged 10-18, and needed to be inclusive and with broad age and visual appeal. The Curious Climate Schools team provided the text, and I arranged it into a comic format and did the illustrations. In order to meet the deadline the entire project was completed over a two week period. The first half of the comic has a scientific focus, providing accessible information about the history of global warming, what different terms mean and the point we are currently at. The second half focusses on the mental health impacts and the actions that can be taken.  

This comic was a joy to create. It was really exciting to be able to make a resource that is informative, inclusive, fun and accessible.  

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