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'What We become'
island magazine

(march 2024)

'What We Become' - Island Magazine (2024)

In late 2023 I was commissioned to create a 6-page editorial comic for Island Magazine. I had a lot of freedom choosing the topic, given the prompt 'write about a grave injustice' by fellow comics-creator, Josh Santospirito.


As an environmentalist, I knew the comic would be about the climate crisis. While there are so many injustices in the world, the core of all of them connect back to the driving forces behind the climate crisis; colonialism, capitalism, corporate greed and all the rest. They are deeply intertwined, but in the end I cannot think of a broader injustice than the destruction of our planet and ecosystems, the effects of which will be passed down through generations across the world (if human survival is possible). During the drafting of this comic the war upon Gaza intensified; it is also an indirect response to the genocide, and the broader concept of human-inflicted suffering.  

Considering how to convey the incomprehensible scale of the injustices in a coherent, thoughtful way proved challenging. This is the most difficult comic I have written, as I was also committed to focusing on provoking thought, rather than giving a lecture or causing a doom spiral. I'd never made a sci-fi comic before, but decided to set this one in a futuristic, overgrown version of Tasmania. A character searching for their lost spaceship among the wreckage of human activity, giant fungi and tunnels, musing about their world as they go, questioning what could have been. 


The printed comic is available in Issue 170 of Island Magazine. 

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